Monday, August 15, 2011

What to do on an Off day

I started this morning at 9:15. I picked up another PB sandwich and water and rolled into work. Jot down 250 calories for the morning.
Nothing at work was there to get in the way except for the $1.10 I had in change laying around at work. "Monster energy drink? Nope, it's 2 bucks. Soda? Wish I had another 15 cents. Cookies? ugh, must. have. cookies." I managed to resist, wrapped myself up in a little more work, then bee-lined it for the car in the parking garage and went home.

Lunch, once I got home was a Beef Tamale with 2 and a half eggs. Half an egg because I meant to have two, but accidentally busted one and spilt half of it. 1.5 eggs wasn't going to cut it for me, so I had to crack another. I'm not real sure on the calorie count of those tamales, but I'll be generous and say 300 per since they're homemade. Dinner ended up being the same, minus the half egg.

Total Calories: 250 + 500 + 460 = 1210

Supposedly, caloric intake below 1500 is pretty bad, but to be frank, I didn't feel the need to eat more except for the times in between meals, but without anything to snack on, there's nothing to be done about it. Given that my metabolism is wrecked from switching sleep schedules twice a week as well, well, you could imagine how my body reacts to the recommended 2000 calories a day: I gain weight. 

Let's see how this plays out. I'm not purposely trying to starve myself after all, just trying to reduce how many calories I take in at any one meal.

Since today was an off day for the workouts, I decided to do the opposite of what the workouts do. Strength training has this side effect of binding your muscles even tighter, reducing flexibility. This is why so often warm up exercises involve stretching, to counter this effect somewhat. Quite frankly though, I've only gotten hurt in some fashion doing stretching as a warmup to a regular strength training workout, so I stopped entire many years ago.

But, as mentioned before, it wasn't a strength training day. After doing what I do for enjoyment, and having left TV for last, I put on the TV and stretched for about 25 minutes. Just my legs really, even though I should have done everything else. Stretching works the muscles in the opposite fashion of my workouts, so I think this will be quite good. I can workout every day without over exerting any of my muscles. 

As a side benefit, I'll be more flexible. Usually a trait desired in women by men, I can't say it'll hurt to loosen up my muscle-bound body. (The term muscle bound brings to my mind a Mr. Universe, but I think it actually just means that your muscles are reducing your flexibility because you don't stretch.) After all, martial artists have to be strong and flexible, it only makes sense then to stretch, right?
Tomorrow is the second workout of the week, and I think I should talk a little about my diet and what I shop for tomorrow as well.

Till tomorrow then.


  1. I think 300/tamale is right. That's about how much the frozen prepackaged ones are anyways.

    I know this because tamales and 300 for one tiny thing pisses me off.

    Also believe it or not eating below 1500 calories is going to slow down your metabolism even more!

    You'll definitely lose weight at first (probably rapidly) but eventually it will suddenly halt and you'll be slamming your head against the wall wondering why you aren't dropping a pound when you're barely eating anything and exercising all the time.

    Our bodies are complicated.

    Gotta stretch!

  2. *I know this because I love tamales