Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bodyweight 100, Week 1 Finale

Let's get the calorie count outta the way.

For breakfast, at about 3am I dug into a PB sandwich, followed shortly by a cookie at work. After that, at about 6am, I worked my way into a can of peas, and from then until 9 I munched on small bits of chocolate. Coming home, I made a Tamale and 2 eggs, and then dug into the remnants of some Greek pita thingy. 

Total calories for the day: 300 + 200 + 240 + 50 (bits of chocolate) + 460 + 300 = about 1500. Clearly, my body is revolting every time there's easy access to food around. Thankfully, I've got at most 6 hours left in my day at this point at 2:30pm, so I think I can get away with more calories, so long as I'm only munching and it's very few calories. Lunch was the big problem, with the 760 calorie intake. I pretty much blew it right there. Thankfully, about half of lunch was protein, so after my workout, the protein will be put to good use and not go to waste or body fat.

Tomorrow I'll report my weight. I'll do so every Sunday and post it in the "about me" section as well.


today I was supposed to do the bodyweight 100 with a target time of 7 minutes. I didn't time myself, but it took at most 7 minutes, and it honestly felt like 6. Here's the workout.
The 20 squats took about 40 seconds. 20 pushups, the same. 20 jumps, my legs were feeling pretty rickety at 15, but I grunted through it, another 60 seconds. No chinup bar, skip. 20 lunges, this took about 2 minutes given about 3 seconds per plus needing some breaks because my legs were noodles at this point. 15 close grip pushups amended to 20, took about 20 seconds (10 pushups), a 10 second break, then 20 seconds (10 pushups).

Total estimated time: 140 +120 + 40 = 140 + 160 = 300 = 5 minutes.

Believe it or not, it did kick my butt a little. My breath was raw afterwards, my legs still worn out. Pretty fast test of strength and endurance though. Endurance is a tad lacking, but should be remedied by next week enough that I can grind through the bodyweight 100 2x next week.

I will do pullups at school tomorrow, just to see how many I can do in a row, and I'll report it in the next entry.

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  1. I can do approximately 0 pull ups. :)

    My arms are SO not strong.