Monday, August 29, 2011


I weighed in yesterday and today, you know, for the "how much do I weigh this week" part. Yesterday I got a reading saying I'd gained weight, but since the day starts at 3 for me and I weighed in at 9, I gave it a pass. I weighed in today, and apparently I have not lost any weight, but at least it's not saying I've gained.

As you can guess, this is a bit frustrating. I've stuck with the diets at least 95%, never blowing out on calories on one meal or a snack except at the VERY beginning. I've done all of the workouts and cardio and never cheated. Still, it appears as though there is little progress being made.

One thing I have noticed is that my cardio doesn't leave me sucking air. I remember that the whole reason I bought the jumprope is because running would leave me that way, and completely tired, and burnt. Jumprope has been having a smaller effect, ie getting my heart rate up, but not killing me for air or leaving me jelly-legged for several hours.

This week, one top of increasing repetitions for the A and B workouts, I'll be artificially increasing my bodyweight by using the 12 pound vest I've got. To further change things up, I'm going to switch from jogging to running. I REALLY hate running, but I'll be plain and admit that I hate being fat enough that I'll run to get rid of it. I'll have to do it later at night though, because running when it's 108 F outside is a stupid proposition at best.


Calorie Counting for the day

Breakfast: 2 eggs and toast. 80 + 80 + 50 (yes, the bread is 50, I checked) = 210
Snack 1: Almonds (about 100)
Lunch: Ham Sandwich, cheese stick, orange. 200 + 90 + 30 = 320
Snack 2: skipped in lieu of the workout
Dinner: chicken breast with a can of green beans, orange ( 180 + 70 + 30 = about 300 )
Total: 210 + 100 + 320 +300 = 930. This is friggin crazy, because I ate ALOT today, just alot of low calorie stuff. I also ate mostly protein today. I didn't purposely try to cut my calories, that's just how it turned out.


The Workout
Today was Workout A. As opposed to previously, I made the workout harder by wearing a 12 pound exercise vest. Actually it feels like 20. I'll find out. Time to complete workout A was 20 minutes. After working out, I'd also resolved to run instead of doing jumprope, so I got on the treadmill, walked real fast for 3 minutes, then did my intervals: 30 seconds very hard, 30 second easy. I didn't really cool down, but I did sort walk around panting my lungs out. I did not wear the vest for this; that would have been suicide.


  1. I think you're underestimating your calories. Oranges, for instance, are usually about 60-70 calories for "normal" size. Unless they are very small, I don't think 30 calories is right.

    Getting a food scale completely opened my eyes. I was underestimating lots of stuff and I think that's why I was stalled so long and not losing weight!

    Also what do you cook your eggs/chicken in? Oil and butter add in a lot of calories even if you're using just a little bit.

  2. Uhm. Also you only drink water/diet soda all day?