Thursday, August 18, 2011

Week 1 Workout 3

So the way the workouts work is this: 4 a week. the first week is A B A, the second B A B, and so on through 8 weeks. So this week had me repeat Workout A, ie the first workout. I'm not sure yet if the reps will each increase for each exercise over time, however, I'd be surprised if they didn't. Below is Workout A.

The workout was actually somewhat easy today. Not much to say about it, but as I say this I realize that the bodyweight 100, the end of week workout for Week 1, is going to kick my ass, especially given that I have 7 minutes to complete it. 20 squats, 2 pushups, 5 pullups, 20 jumps, 20 something else, and 15 something else. It's a no holds bar sprint for the finish.

As for today's eating, I haven't yet had dinner. PB sandwich for breakfast, a literal bowl of cooked hamburger with some green beans. Yeah, I know, my diet is pretty simple right now. I haven't yet actually gone out and done some shopping for the diet part of this program, so until I do, I'm just wingin' it with the concept. The concept was largely portion control, mostly protein, low-carb (fruits are ok), and some fat in each meal to keep the hunger away and reduce cravings. For instance, one of the recommended snacks is a handful of almonds, a food with a good deal of fat considering how many you're supposed to eat for a snack.

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