Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It's SO hot

Yeah even for me it's hot, and that's saying something since I'm usually ok in 100 degree heat. I got in my car today, and I must have sweat out 5 pounds, because I'm sure it was 140 in there to start.

No workout today, nothing special going on, gonna stretch a little later. Did a total of about an hour of walking around in 106 degree weather today, so that's good, but it left me pretty tired, and I was already tired from waking up today.

Breakfast was eggs and toast. I'm really liking making myself a real breakfast these days, makes the day seem better than if it was just a PB sandwich or worse, a bowl of cereal, a dish I often just mindlessly crunch and slurp through.

Snack time was almonds. Lunch was a Pb and J sandwich, surprisingly only at 160 calories (100 for the bread, 50 for the PB, 10 for the jelly, it's sugar free). Second snack once home was a can of tuna and a few carrots (chalk 150 tops), and then dinner was a double burger (two patties, two slices of bread. Not real sure, but let's guess about 500).

Not alot to report today, and I think that in future off days will be quick and dirty posts. Straight calorie counts, successes and failures, unless I feel something else really needs said.

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