Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Off day #2

I kinda messed up today. I didn't keep with my successes and kinda went with my failures, both categories from the previous day.

I woke up a little early, so I had a 3 egg McMuffin, 180 + 240 = 420 calories for breakfast. Given that it was whole grain bread and otherwise all protein, I feel alright about that. I didn't have anything else to eat until 2pm though, so I failed at munching and keeping the stomach churning. Lunch was a chicken breast and a tamale: 200 + 300 = 500. Not the best way to do it, but my failure earlier resulted in me needing the eat more at lunch. 

Around 6pm, the parents drop a brownie on my desk. To say self-control abandoned me is an understatement: it slashed its wrist and threw itself off the the 9th floor of some tall building. I downed that brownie like a pack of hyenas on old meat. After that, dinner at 9, a simple PB sandwich. My guess is the brownie was 300, judging by size and the ones we have at work, and the PB sandwich is another 30 abouts. So 1600 for the day.

1600 in itself ain't bad, it's the portions and that blasted brownie at the end.

After dinner, since it was pretty light, I stretched for about 30 minutes. I did legs, groin, arms, stomach, and shoulders. I did it all twice, so hopefully that limbered me up some.

Starting tomorrow, I'll post links to the vids for my workouts, as they also include demonstrations of the exercises.

I don't consider today a real success, but not a real failure either. Maybe just somewhere in between. It could have been much better though, if I had an inch of self-control.

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  1. Why do you have no sources of calcium, fruits or vegetables in your life? o.O

    You're just like my husband. You crazies.

    Also I hardly call 1600 calories a failure. Well I mean getting 1/4 of your daily calories from a nutritionally void brownie is kind of a failure but I don't think that was a lack of self-control.

    Sometimes our cravings are our bodies telling us we're doing something wrong.

    You probably needed the fat in the brownie. And your body probably feels like it's starving because you're eating so little calories.

    I'm willing to wager that if you keep trying to eat so few calories every couple of days you're going to get the insatiable urge to binge on something super calorie dense. Like a gigantic brownie. Or a double cheeseburger. Or whatever other fat-laden thing you run into.

    Just my experience from having been successfully losing and keeping weight off for 1/2 a year now. :P