Saturday, March 2, 2013

2 Steps forward, 2 steps back, Carbonara

So, as of 2/19/2013, I was 209.8 pounds. Then the next week hit. It was pretty bad, and set me back basically a week and a half.

It started President's day. Because it was a holiday, the team and I went to the cheap dish. It's basically a half price cafeteria. I had some Cordon Blue, fries, and "Yakisoba noodles", which, in truth, looks more like spaghetti and hamburger mix. I finished the Cordon Blue and fries without trouble, but I didn't really dig into the noodles for the above reason, and because I was full.

A few days after that, I had a breakdown and scarfed 1/4 a box of triscuits and the few twizzlers I had left. Friday that week, there was a potluck where cake and ice cream were served. I tried not to overindulge, but I ended up with a slice of coffee cake and a cupcake. Sunday, I had to go shopping, and I made the mistake of going in hungry. I ended up buying another piece of cake and scarfing that down as a lunch replacement.

As I said, it wasn't good. I put back about 3-4 pounds because of that week. It's only today that I got back down to 210.0

I've been pretty good since then. I still eat mostly chicken or shrimp tacos for dinner, but occasionally I can make a carbonara pasta in some form. Last time I made shrimp carbonara.

Shrimp Carbonara:
  2 slices of onion, cut each slice across the center
  12 medium shrimp detailed
  2-3 oz spaghetti or fettucini
  olive/canola oil
  1 egg

  Cook the pasta until al-dente (when it's still semi hard, but noodly)
  sautee the shrimp and onions
  add the pasta and some of the pasta water to the sautee pan and sautee for a minute or two
  crack an egg over the pasta/veggies and mix while sauteeing for a few more minutes
  eat, be happy, bask in the glow the carbonara gives you after eating it

It's really simple, really delicious, and after eating it, I was basking in that good feeling for the next few hours. I did have to modify the original recipe though, which called for bacon instead of shrimp, and also wanted noodle-looking slices of zuchinni, neither of which I had. I say the whole meal in total came out to around 300 to 350 calories, and left me plenty of caloric room to add a salad to the end of that meal if I needed it.

So, anyways, short story, I messed up pretty bad, and only now have recovered from the damage I've done. I'm thinking the next few weeks will go better, especially since I'm just going to outright refuse to buy anything that constitutes a snack. Should help a bit while I'm not at work keeping busy and my mind off food.