Saturday, August 27, 2011

End of Week Workout 2

Yesterday I chose to delay the end of week workout until today. The Sunday-Tuesday-Thursday-Friday schedule is really bad with my class schedule. So, I changed the workout to Monday-Wednesday-Friday-Saturday.

I pretty much kept with my calories yesterday, except for those fries I mentioned.

Today I had a PB sandwich and a cookie for breakfast. At 6am I can a of fish (500 calories worth), and at some points later through the day I had a ham sandwich with horseradish mustard, a cheese stick, and for dinner a chicken breast, a can of peas, and an orange.

So the end of week workout today was the Bodyweight 100 twice, like last week just double with no rest between. I ended up taking my rest throughout the workout. The first round went fine until I got to the jumps, where I studdered twice, then moved on. I studdered next at squats at number 12, then at pushup number 10, then jumps several times for fear of not being able to stand on landing, then partway through lunges, then twice through the close grip pushups.

Basically it means my endurance is lacking, which means that even though the reps in the workouts haven't increased, they should have. So, as said before, I'll be increasing reps. I think I'll up 10 to 15, 12 to 18...I guess every exercise times 1.5.

Total time to get through the workout: 6 minutes + 9 minutes. Yeah. Not what it could have been, not what it should have been.

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