Friday, August 19, 2011

Cheat Day

Today started out good. PB sandwich for breakfast, famous amos cookies to munch over 3 hours, tamale and eggs for lunch. Dinner was a disaster though: Lucky Wishbone. I DEVOURED a completely unhealthy Chicken Breast dinner from Lucky. that meal itself was probably about 1500 calories, putting me at maybe 2500 for the day.

Can you say FAILURE. Hahaha. Oh man.

The diet does allow for a cheat day, within limits. The limits usually go in the way of eat whatever, but stay in calorie range. I pretty much failed at that. Thankfully, when you eat excess calories, if you go way outta whack, most of that doesn't go to fat. Most of it actually gets thrown away. Why do you think it takes a month or two to put on all that weight?

So, while I was planning on some Tiger Stripe cake for my off day, I'm gonna have to forgo it this week. I burned my cheat day on fried chicken, fries, and garlic bread.

Either today or tomorrow I'm supposed to do this bodyweight 100 workout. I think I'll do it tomorrow, as I don't particularly feel like doing it today.
In regards to the Lucky Wishbone, the parents were running out to get some, and offered to me one. It's a childhood favorite meal, I held out for about 10 seconds before my mouth betrayed me.

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