Monday, August 22, 2011

First day of Class

So when I went to class today, on my way I checked how many pullups I could do at 200 pounds (10 lb backpack). The answer is three in a row.

Started off the day with 2 eggs and a piece of toast. chalk up about 300 calories. Had some almonds for a snack, then lunch with the pb and j sandwich + orange. Got home, no snack, dinner was the legs and wings of a rotissere chicken. I had a yogurt a little afterwards. All in all, I'm chalking calories to about 1100 or so. Given my level of inactivity for the day, except for walking around sweating in 108 degree heat, I feel ok about that.

The guy who's place I park at for classes was showing me Arnold's workout, and by Arnold I mean Schwarzenegger. It was a really old book, maybe from the 70's or 80's, about half the size of the Yellow Pages. He was telling me how he did those workouts when he was thirty. He was scarfing 5500 calories a day, putting on muscle like crazy, losing fat like nothing. He gained like 34 pounds of muscle he said, and he looked good (he says also). Given the workouts, which I saw, I believe it. And he had a quote which I like.

"I mean, if you can't trust Arnie to get in shape, who CAN you trust?" -Dave

I decided then that once I was done with this 8 week bodyweight workout, I'd do Arnie's workout. I've never been BUFF before, and I think it could be an interesting change, not to mention that it'll definitely be challenging, plus I can eat whatever the hell I want aside from raw vegetable oil by the quart because my body is going to NEED it. Ok, so that last part was a lie, I'll actually have to watch my diet quite carefully, but if you're packing down 5500 calories, and mostly protein since your body seems to only process 38% of egg protein (a little more for chicken, even more for fish, beef is less than eggs), you can imagine how much food you're cramming down because you need some x number grams of protein per day for the all the muscle you have / want to build.

In 7 weeks, when this program is done, I'll have the workouts ready to copy paste. It's an intense workout, not for anyone who wants to stay slim and toned. This is a mass building project. Dave said that his shoulder blades were entirely hidden by his trapezius muscles, that he gained inches on his forearms and biceps, and his chest gained like 14 inches. That's NUTTY buff, and that happened after 5 months of Arnie's workouts and diets.

It sounds cool. Maybe a nutty, but cool.

I didn't do any stretching today, my left hip was feeling a tad stretched, so I took the day off everything today. It should be better tomorrow.

Until tomorrow then!

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