Saturday, September 3, 2011

Wedek 3 Workout 3

Thursday was an off day. Had a PB sandwich, then almonds, then a sandwich cheese stick orange, then nothing until 7, which was 2 chicken breasts and a can of peas. I didn't count the calories or carbs, but I'm pretty certain it was all reasonable.

Friday I took the day off from work, class, and the workout. Breakfast was eggs, lunch was a a sandwich, snacks were bananas, and dinner was a tortilla thing again.

Today breakfast was a PB sandwich followed shortly by a cookie, snack was a can of beans, lunch was a tortilla thing again, and dinner was 3 chicken tenderloins with a can of peas.

I spent a bunch of money on food today. I bought some oranges, some beans, corn, peas. Eggs were requisite, but also bought some chicken breasts. Because I've been itching to try making the Pauly's Pesto from Bread and Beyond, I bought a can of artichoke hearts as well. My plan with the beans and corn is to kinda pan fry them together, though that might change, and mix it all up, dish out a bit for dinner every night. I'm gonna be trying out some different recipes from time to time beyond the bland rubber that I've been eating lately, and I'll post what I can here. Pictures are a no though, since I don't have anything that can take pictures to post them.

One thing I'd like to mention is that I'm finding it alot easier to avoid munching cookies and donuts at work. That first cookie is still hard, because I'm still half asleep, but by the point I get the time to chow down on something else (3:30am), the hunger is gone and I can deal with it as long as I keep drinking water. 
The workout today was workout A. As per this week, I wore the weighted vest throughout the strength part of the workout, and then took it off for the interval cardio part.I have mentioned that I hate cardio, but this part wasn't so bad today. I did a 3 minute warmup, then did the intervals on a treadmill, which is tricky given that it can't stop or start immediately, and then pretty just sucked eggs for a short bit.

Tomorrow will be the bodyweight 200. I'm unsure if I should wear the vest for it, so I'll take a look at the workout before I do.

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