Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week 5 Workout 3

I took Friday off of everything but fun. I needed the break pretty badly, between work, classes, homework, work, and working out. As a consequence, I didn't eat much, but I didn't work out either. I did have a Lucky Wishbone Mom Shrimp Friday night, and it was pretty delicious.

By and large, I've got my diet figured out. some kinda protein in the morning, oranges throughout the day with a sandwich for lunch, and then a dinner which is usually protein and veggies. Pretty simple, although I'll usually cook dinner and lunch for the next day at the same time.

So, things in the eating area are good. Not eating too much, too little, or too much at any one time.


The workout was surprisingly easy today, even with the weight vest.  I need to find more weight, or find a way to make the exercises harder. Simply adding reps isn't doing enough as my endurance is going up.

Today was workout A by the way. Tomorrow will the Week 5 end workout.

Normally, by this point in the workout, I would have dropped to about my current weight, maybe slightly less, since I would normally start this 8 week routine at 200 pounds. So, I'm looking at the final 3 weeks of the program to see how low I can actually get.

There's a professional version of the program that is supposed to follow this, but it costs money, and I'm not going to pay for a workout routine. People have been able to lose weight and get fit since before recorded history, and I'm sure most of them were able to do it without having to pay a routine. Granted, different times and circumstances, but the concept is the same: why pay for what you can think up on your own? If it's free, well, why not take advantage then?

So, I blazed through Workout A, weight vest and all, then blazed through the cardio interval training, surprisingly. B's cardio interval kills me, but A's doesn't. I think B might become my new A and double the hard pace will be my B.

Interesting how easy today was. That can't be allowed to stay that way.

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