Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Catching up

Friday I did my 3rd workout of the week, but seeing as I was incredibly tired, I skipped the running part.

Sunday I did the end of week workout, the bodyweight 200 2x. I was supposed to do it Saturday, but I was tired, and working out 3 days in a row isn't particularly good. So, Sunday I did the bodyweight 200 2x, 5 minutes between sets just as it says. Including that break, it took me about 20 minutes to complete the workout.

Yesterday, Monday, I did the regular A workout. With that and the cardio that follows, it took about 45 minutes.


Last week I sorta screwed the pooch on weight loss. There was that one lunch of Panda Express, then that one dinner of a small amount of Lucky Wishbone, and a few single servings of burritos of sorts (meat instead of beans). I only ever had one at a time, but I did have several spread out over a few days.

So, instead of losing weight, I've regained to 191.
My dad thinks it might be starvation mode. I eat alot, but I'm not eating calories dense meals. Breakfast is 340 tops, snacks are typically oranges these days, lunches are typically sandwiches, and dinners are usually chicken and veggies. As it turns out my total caloric intake lately per day has been roughly 1000. This is pretty much half of what I should be consuming, or at worst 2/3 of what I need minimum to lose weight, I think.

The strange thing is, I don't feel hungry beyond this. I exercise, I get along all day just fine.

As mentioned before, it could also be some serious gluten intolerance. Last week I screwed up, and probably consumed alot more sugar than my body can handle while losing weight. I find myself wondering if, if I go gluten-free, will I lose the weight again.

I think we're about to find about how gluten intolerant I am.

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