Thursday, September 8, 2011

Week 4 Workout 2

Due to having excessive fun yesterday on my game (EVE ONLINE), I ended up not working out all Wednesday (yesterday). I have to make that up today.

See, I made a bit of a dumb decision yesterday. I got home, and I was tired, and wanted to relax, and said to myself, "Ok, I'll hop on EvE for a bit, nothing is gonna happen until much later anyways. I'll have plenty of time to workout." I should have instead just done the workout straight off. As a result, I ended up on EvE from about 4-11, and pretty busy the whole time.

Today I took a real cheat day. I haven't had one yet, so this one shouldn't hurt much, if at all. I was asked to lunch by a friend at work, and ended up getting some Panda Express with him and another guy I work with. It was pretty delicious, but honestly I can do without just fine. I make food about that good tasting at home too.


Today is workout A in a BAB week. I'll try to get running in today, but given how late I'll get home, I might not have much time to do it. Then again, I only need about 10 minutes (2 warmup, 2 cooldown, 6 interval).


Due to circumstances, i had to do the workout a bit out of order. Normally I do the cardio after the strength training, but today I did them backward. I was quickly reminded of why this was a bad idea.

Cardio wears you out, plain and simple. Strength training, not as much. Doing Cardio then Strength makes strength training harder, because you're already beat.

That said, I did the workout and completely forgot about the weight vest. It was almost trivially easy. I think I'll need to add some ankle weights with the weight vest to keep it tough, or add reps. Actually, I think I should be adding reps, so that's what I'll do. I've noticed that while my strength is going up, my endurance isn't going up as fast, which is causing some problems in the end of week workouts. More reps in the regular workouts should address that problem.

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