Thursday, September 15, 2011

Week 5 Workout 2

Since I've apparently been in starvation, I've been eating more, even though I might not necessarily feel hungry. I'm spacing snacks and such closer together, although I'm not eating more "calorie-dense" meals as it were. Breakfast remains at 300 calories approximately, dinner the same 400 or so, lunch was and remain at 300. Snacks are still oranges as well. The change is that I'm adding a second lunch of sorts, with an additional snack. In total that bumps calorie intake from about 1000 to 1400.

Admittedly, I haven't done the best job of it the last two days though. I've been a little short on that third snack, so I'd buy a scone, or yesterday I bought an ice cream cookie, valued at a cringing but delicious 500 calories (THAT was a bad move haha).

My weight machine lies. I went and weighed myself yesterday morning, and it said 183, where the day before I was 191. A quick look showed that indeed I had not dropped 10 pounds overnight, so I reweighed and came at 190.5, and reweighed again, another 190.5.

On the plus side, I seem to be losing a good deal of body fat. My stomach is trimming in a little more now, and rolls I used to have are either not as thick or gone completely. Love handles seem to be hardening up a bit as well, trimming also.

Weight loss is the just easiest measuring stick, but not the only one. At the end of the 8 weeks, if I can fit into my 34's just fine (I'm in a 36 with a belt on the last notch), then I'll know the workout did me right, whether I'm 200 pounds or 180.

The workout kicked my ass yesterday. I blew through the B workout with the weight vest on, taking less rest than provided by the workout, and then went for the cardio part.

I was sucking eggs after the first 1 minute run. Ooo boy. Somehow I crunched through all 6 rounds, neglecting the cool down at the end. I was panting pretty hard with some rib-aches for a good ten minutes after the workout.

All in all, I'd say it was a good workout. I haven't yet started increasing reps on the daily workouts, but I'm going to soon. For now, the lack of rest combined with the weight vest has been working well as I do my best to keep proper form.

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  1. I just recently have started making adjustments to how many calories and how often I eat them as well. Today's my first day doing it.

    I'm hoping the six meals/snacks will keep my metabolism up and keep me satisfied.

    Hopefully it works out for us!