Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Thing I hate about Sleep Deprivation

This week has not been awesome for the diet, but it hasn't been horrible until today. Essentially, every day this week at school I would buy and eat one large Scone. They're pretty much straight carbs, but I was on break and everything, and kept not bringing enough food. I felt it would be better than Panda Express for sure. Overall, it wasn't too bad though given that I ate them when I'd be eating something else, just it was double the calories and way more carbs.

Then this weekend I went to work on 4 hours of sleep Saturday. Ate 2 donuts. Pretty sure that's 1000 unnecessary calories. Sunday I went in on 5 hours sleep, and ate 3 cookies (500 calories), followed by lunch at noon of an entire thing of Chicken Alfredo. Pretty sure that the day was 2000 unnecessary calories.

Problem though was sleep deprivation. When I'm like this, and it really CANNOT be avoided for me that I get sleep deprived, the chemicals that govern hunger go out of whack. Even after eating the cookies and alfredo, I was still hungry. I should have been stuffed or full at least.

Usually I have better self control and manage to only eat a cookie if anything. This weekend was pretty stressful though, and self control only works if your emotions are under control. Mine weren't. I was stressed, upset, and tired.

I'll be better Monday after some sleep, but I screwed up the diet this week, and I'm pretty sure any benefits of my dieting will not show until the end of the week at best. Way to go Mark.

Thankfully there is a saving grace. When you eat too much, it doesn't all go to fat. Most of it goes to waste. So this mess up won't cripple me, won't hamper me ALOT, but it's still progress lost, even if only a little.

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