Thursday, September 22, 2011

34 Break

Just a quickie post explaining the title.

I had a few extra minutes today, so I tried on some old size 34's I had instead of 36's that I typically wear. They came up and on easily. I didn't have to fight, hell, didn't have to apply pressure, to button and zip up the pants.

So, my weight isn't down, but my girth most definitely is. My 36's were feeling a little tight when I started 5 weeks ago, now the 34's fit just right. That's down 3 inches. Huzzah!

As for the "Break", this week has left me very little time for anything aside from classes and classwork. Because of that, I'm going to take a workout break until Saturday, repeat the bodyweight 350 (which incidentally made me ache all over for 3 days), and then start week 6 next week. Aside from the test next wednesday, there's nothing real major that will suck out my time.

That's unlike this week. I had to crank out a 2 week project in 2 days, then another 2 week project in 3 days, study for a test (which was absurdly brutal), and complete a homework for the class I have a test in Wednesday, and write 1/4 of a paper for a project for Engineering Capstone, ie a project that is slated to run across 9 months. If you mess this class up, you don't graduate.

So, summary: down 3 inches, weight is approximately the same, and I'm on exercise break until Saturday. Probably no posts until then.

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