Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 4 Workout 1

So last week I was feeling pretty burnt out. I took Friday off of work, exercise, and class. Saturday I ended up doing the third workout and that was it. Sunday I was supposed to do the bodyweight 200, but still burnt, I skipped. Yesterday, Monday, I would have started a B workout. Instead, I did the bodyweight 200 and then the cardio. It's good to change things up anyways.

So what's the bodyweight 200?

30 Prisoner Squats
30 Pushups
10 Jumps (thank god)
10 Stability Ball Leg Curls
10 Stability Ball Jacknifes
20 Step Ups (per side)
5 Pullups (substituted slow close grip pushups)
30 Forward Lunges
20 Close Grip Pushups
15 Inverted Rows (substituted wide grip pushups)
15 Prisoner Squats
5 Chinups (substituted close grip pushups)

I needed a few 5 second breaks in there. That workout wasn't easy, but not as difficult as I was expecting. Still, it wore me out, and topping it off with cardio did the trick.

I did weigh myself yesterday, although I didn't get an accurate reading since I'd eaten and drank and such. Even so, I was coming in at 188.5 It might only be 0.5 pounds, but it's progress.

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    I like these kinds of work outs... Where it's a list that you just do a certain number of them.

    I need to find one where I actually know what the exercises are... and also doesn't look so hard. o.o

    1/2 a pound is darn good progress! Ain't nothing to turn a nose up at.