Sunday, January 1, 2012

Week the 3rd? or 4th?

I forget if this is the 3rd or 4th week since I started a better nutrition program combined with less consumption...I guess it's the third since I started posting about it, so let's say the 3rd week.

The weight scale has me down another 2 pounds, so I'm doing something right. 186 is the weight, and the 34's I recently bought fit without an ounce of "sucking in". I actually think I'm going to need a belt after another 2 pounds go.

Conquest of sugar has gone well. I'm not completely unfettered, but I don't outright crave any of it by just looking at it. I used to be able to smell sugar from a mile away, but not now. I don't even consider eating that cookie in the sample bin anymore, or eating the donut that broke and can't be put out for sale because of it.

Diet soda is making a comeback. I do need something tasty to drink, I just don't down 2 liters of it every day like I used to a month ago.
Meal wise, it's still mostly meat, and when it's not, I keep the calories low. An example is a soup that has a lot of carbs. It's not enough for me, so I dump an entire can of green beans in with it. THAT is enough, almost too much, but it sates me.

So, in one month I'm down 6 pounds just from eating and drinking better. Maybe it could have been 10 if I was really on top of it, but I'm easily 15 from the 200 mark, and I feel pretty good about that. I'm looking forward to losing more, and I wonder how much I can let just evaporate with better nutrition, as opposed to actively trying to melt it off with exercise.

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