Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Week 5.5

Last time I weighed myself was Monday. Despite the hardcore resurgence of Diet Pepsi, I'm at 185 lbs. Combine this with my 34 jeans, which were previously tight, now fitting pretty much perfectly, I'm calling this a success in the face failure.

The failure is Diet Pepsi. Still, success was had, and I'm happy about that.

Assuming that if I were to drop Diet Pepsi again, I'd lose another few pounds, my guess is that my actual weight is 182. That lines up with what I know about my body and pant sizes. At about 170 pounds I can realistically start looking at size 32's. They'll be tight, but they'll be feasible. I don't know that I want to bother with them until 165 pounds though.

I'm surprised at how much weight I've lost this last month or two. Simply eating less does wonders. The trick is, however, eating less, isn't it? Seemed like an unbearable fate back then, drooling over pop tarts and candied treats. Now I barely give any of it a second look. It's not that I'm disgusted by them, I still like them. I just...don't eat them, and don't even think about it.

I haven't even been working out. In fact, I've been glued to the computer almost every hour of every day, whether for work, TV, or games. The only exception is work, and necessary chores. My exercise has been sitting on my ass.

Probably the other half saving me is that I don't cook anymore. I suspect that if I cooked, like Ty, I might have an impossible time not eating what I make.

So, week 5 and week 6, success! Snatching victory from the jaws of defeat!

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